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I have bee asked to Auto Fill a MS PowerPoint presentation that today takes the data from a SAS Proc Print or SAS output to MS Excel and is then inserted into the target slide.  There are no SAS generated Charts, Graphs or Tables on any slide in the presentation, only data.  I know that I can modify a slide to have  "Some text &var_one some text &var_two" in the headers and footers of the slide but I need to add data to a large number of variables on the slide.  

The Ideal target is to have a SAS Stored process run the code and refresh the data on the customer' s desk.  I have bot found a good example of that yet.


The attached file is just a snip of the whole slide. I have added outline to the textbox containing the areas showing where the data needs to go.


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Change your current process to output straight to the PowerPoint file using ODS.

Or export your data to Excel and have linked files, ie your PPTX is linked to the source Excel file that will then be updated automatically via SAS.

Fluorite | Level 6


     Thank you for the response.  I would love to change everything to just ODS and walk away from the mess.  Currently I out put the data to Excel and someone else cuts and pastes to Powerpoint.  So, that being said I have yet to fins an example of ODS hat looks close to what I need to do and I do not know how, yet to link Powerpoint to Excel. But now I have something else to go and look up.

Thank you. 

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Have you tried basic proc report with ODS PPTX? It does depend on how complex your tables are and if they get too complex I'd definitely use the embed from Excel option. Basically when you paste the table/graph from Excel into PowerPoint there's an option to link/embed instead of just paste and you want to make sure you use that option when building your report.


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