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Fluorite | Level 6

I want to import a CSV file using the infile and input procedure. The problem is, that one row which contains of text has carriage returns and line breaks in many of the observations. These text fields are surrounded by quotation marks ("...."). How can I import this data?


Example of csv data:


0,77060058,english,"Really great game! The story is the most ambitious and inventive campaign ive ever played, it's a must play for anyone who loves Guns, Horses, cowboys, or video games. The Story is emotional and rich and is worth every second. The online portion of this game has gotten better since the original release in 2018; However, there is still a lot to be desired. Rockstar is slowly updating it, but this game is worth it for the story mode alone.",1601870541,1601870541,True,0,0,0,0,True,False,False,76561198262327743,33,9,2737,2737,2737,1601868447
1,77059990,english,"Red Dead Redemption 2. Is there anything I can say that will suffice in describing this masterpiece??? RDR2 is SUCH a good game. It’s definitely my favorite game. Its price is high for good reason. The storage space it takes is worth it. RDR2 is a game that has such an immersive story line. It’s a long, but **bleep** near perfect game. This is the first game that has made me bawl like a baby. If you get this game, or if you’ve already played it, you’ll understand why I cried... That said, I highly recommend this game. Again, **bleep** near perfect.",1601870400,1601870400,True,0,0,0,0,True,False,False,76561198303413791,48,7,5029,0,5029,1597432775
2,77059784,english,"If youre looking for a broken game with no future fixing, then this is your perfect video game! Seriously **bleep** this game.",1601869989,1601869989,False,0,0,0,0,True,False,False,76561198083114654,290,8,2772,2721,2772,1601869940
3,77059467,english,guns go boom,1601869360,1601869360,True,0,0,0,0,True,False,False,76561198398198138,26,9,271,271,241,1601871152
4,77059201,english,"Story is great, voice lines, animation is simply amazing. Online is pretty good too although too much grinding just to get a single role which is one of the main core content in online, and there are so many more roles to get. Too much grinding isnt gonna make players stay for long. AND seasonal PASSS? NANI? Aims too much for a cowboy game imo.",1601868791,1601868791,True,0,0,0,0,True,False,False,76561198118157688,61,4,2313,2313,2283,1601870390
5,77058777,english,"[b]Short review[/b]
One of the best games ever made

Now the good, it is a graphical masterpiece.  The world they created may be the best looking and most detailed to date and while it may not run brilliantly on average machines if you have the horsepower (ha) to run it on 1440p at nearly max you'll see exactly why it takes some serious oomph to run.

The narrative while slow to get going is always engaging, the end of Chapter 3/Chapter 4 is where things really start heating up. The characters all felt fleshed out so I enjoyed doing all the side content I came across and I still missed some things!  The motion capture and voice acting was great - Arthur Morgan is a brilliant character and the ending is something that will stick with you for a long time.",1601868026,1601868388,True,0,0,0,0,True,False,False,76561197968682306,436,26,5462,2854,5462,1601865133
6,77058854,english,"how to eat monkey

ye s
Jade | Level 19

Please use the search function, this problem has been asked and answered many times.

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