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Obsidian | Level 7

We are on SAS Viya 3.5  running on LINUX . We have a business requirement to connect spotfire and power bi to SAS viya platform to facilitate users to perform data visualization in sportfire and Power BI using sas data files stored in SAS viya platform.  We enabled the spotfire connectivity in SAS 9.4  using SAS /share and jdbc connectivity. Please advise if this is an option in SAS viya 3.5  however unable to find any doc to establish such connectivity with Power BI. Please advise .


If you don't find an equivalent solution in SAS VIya 3.5 then a workaround would be to load your SAS data into SQL Server and use Spotfire and PowerBI with that. This is the approach we have taken and it works well for lowish data volumes and daily or less frequent updating.