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Calcite | Level 5


recently we have experienced some problems with SAS Office Add-in.

Working with SAS Add-in in Excel, I have got an unexpected windows error ("Blue Screen of Death"),  the windows system was restarted.

After this, the SAS ribbon in Excel is not available anymore. In the COM Add-Ins section of Excel, I can see the SAS Add-ins. They are deactivated. I can not activate them. I have tried to remove them and to install them again, but it does not work.

SwitcherUtility does not work.

New Installation of MS-Addin Components does not help.

As I am not the only user in our company, who has got this error. I am wondering if there is a solution/work-around for this problem

I would appreciate any hints

MS Office 2010

Windows Vista 32 Bit

SAS 4.3



Tourmaline | Level 20

This is a typical question that is best suited fort SAS tech support.

Data never sleeps
Barite | Level 11

Check the windows doc as addins can be disabled when there was a problem.

Enabling them should give them back...
Windows -Vista???  even older than XP and that supports drops in april 

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Quartz | Level 8

The issue of a missing SAS tab in Excel appears to be caused by either the user intentionally disabling the SAS AMO add-in, or by Microsoft Office itself because the add-in is causing a "problem". In either case, there seems to be two related issues: