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Running some macro code our company developed internally some years ago that calls upon the MPS Conversion Macro SASMPSXS.  Runs fine under WindowsXP but on the Windows7 systems where we've installed SAS it fails with the following error:


WARNING: Apparent invocation of macro SASMPSXS not resolved.
NOTE: Line generated by the invoked macro "OPTIMIZE_V1_81".
217      %SASMPSXS;

ERROR 180-322: Statement is not valid or it is used out of proper order.

I checked that Windows7 systems do have SAS/OR installed per:

"SASMPSXS is a SAS macro provided within SAS/OR software. The MPS format resembles the

sparse format of the CONDATA= data set for PROC INTPOINT. The SAS macro SASMPSXS

examines the MPS data and transfers it into a SAS data set while automatically taking into account

how the MPS format differs slightly from PROC INTPOINT’s sparse format."

and all seems fine with the installation:

Expiration:   14DEC2011.

Grace Period:  45 days (ending 28JAN2012).

Warning Period: 45 days (ending 13MAR2012).

System birthday:   09FEB2011.

Operating System:   W32_WKS .

Product expiration dates:

---Base Product                                                           14DEC2011

---SAS/STAT                                                                14DEC2011

---SAS/GRAPH                                                               14DEC2011

---SAS/ETS                                                                 14DEC2011

---SAS/OR                                                                  14DEC2011

---SAS/IML                                                                 14DEC2011

---SAS/QC                                                                  14DEC2011

---SAS/CONNECT                                                             14DEC2011

---OR OPT                                                                  14DEC2011

---OR PRS                                                                  14DEC2011

---OR IVS                                                                  14DEC2011

---OR LSO                                                                  14DEC2011

---SAS/ACCESS Interface to PC Files                                        14DEC2011

---SAS/ACCESS Interface to OLE DB                                          14DEC2011

---SAS Stat Studio                                                         14DEC2011

---SAS Workspace Server for Local Access                                   14DEC2011

Has anyone run across this issue and does anyone know of a fix/workaround?



SAS Employee

Hello Jim,

The macro should usually be there if SAS/OR is installed correcly. You should contact tech support following the link "submit a problem report" on the bottom of this page.




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