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Pyrite | Level 9


Thank you very much I will use the updated code and let you know. I will also add the proportion. Will work on the full fledged model and let you know of any issues. The one question i have is on how my point (c) in my earlier comment. How do I write the impvar and constraints correctly? Example : impvar like "PerBox_Based_Costs_CFS" and constraints like "BoxConCFS" in my code, because in your code there is no need of i in ISN, but in the full fledged model, capacity or rate is a function of Org, Des, MOL, Box , T1 and T2. Without i in ISN, i would like to learn how to write the constraints and impvar correctly. 

Thanks a ton for all your support as always. 


I made one more correction to RationalVendor in the toy code, and the new optimal solution has objective value $4304, with both V1 and V2 using CYS.  Note that for the $3622 solution in your spreadsheet, vendor V2 does not behave rationally because the CYS cost is $1050 < $1145, so V2 would instead choose CYS.  On the other hand, $3622 is still the correct optimal objective value if the vendors cooperate.


Regarding your question (c), I think this is what you want:

impvar PerBox_Based_Costs_CFS {w in T2} = sum {b in BOX} PerBox_Based_Rate_CFS[b,w] * BoxesNeeded_CFS[b,w];

impvar TotalVol {m in MOL, w in T2} = sum {i in ISN} Volume_ISN[i] * Is_ISN_Mol[i,m,w];

con BoxConCFS {w in T2}: sum {b in BOX} Volume_Capacity_CFS[b,w] * BoxesNeeded_CFS[b,w] >= TotalVol['CFS',w];


Pyrite | Level 9


This is a very quick syntax question. To your toy code, I have this one. There is a minimum charge to volbased cost. If Volbased cost >Min then Volbased cost else Min . I get syntax errors. Can you tell me what is the correct way?


num volRate_Min{MOL} = [0 75];

for {i in ISN,m in MOL} do;
if VolBasedCost[i] > volRate_Min[m] then fix VolBasedCost[i]=VolBasedCost[i];
else fix VolBasedCost[i] = volRate_Min[m];

You cannot fix an implicit variable, and you can fix a variable only to a constant.  Instead you can modify the IMPVAR statement as follows:

/*   impvar VolBasedCost {i in ISN} = Volume_ISN[i] * sum {m in MOL} volRate[m] * IsMol[i,m];*/

   impvar VolBasedCost {i in ISN} = sum {m in MOL} max(Volume_ISN[i] * volRate[m], volRate_Min[m]) * IsMol[i,m];

 Because of the OneMol constraint, each i will have IsMol[i,m] = 1 for exactly one m.  The new IMPVAR declaration will enforce VolBasedCost[i] to be the larger of Volume_ISN[i] * volRate[m] and volRate_Min[m] for that m.

Pyrite | Level 9


Thank you. This is perfect.


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