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Quartz | Level 8

dear all,

I'm running sas 9.2 ts2m3 on windows xp 32bit

I'm unable to start the ods graphics editor. I've tried in all possible ways: from the start menu, within the explorer window, from the results window by clicking on the sge file.

I can see in the windows task manager that a process called grsgeditor.exe comes up with an associated java.exe but no window appears.

Through proc javainfo I checked the version of java: 1.5.0_12-b04. This should be the one installed at the time of sas installation and from the documentation it seems to be the right one.

I've searched quite extensively but didn't come up with any idea of what is going wrong.

I would appreciate any suggestion


Obsidian | Level 7


we do have the same problem here in France.

It's a problem with Windows.

If you're French (as me), just download this file :

unzip the file and put the file unzipped here :

C:\Program Files\SAS\SASVersionedJarRepository\9.2\eclipse\plugins\sas.graph.sgeditor.nls_902300.0.0.20100324190000_v920m3

restart SAS and everything should be fine...

Now, I know that this is the way to do with a French SAS. It could be risky to try this fix if your SAS is not "French"... contact your local support 😉

best regards


Quartz | Level 8

Dear SR, thank you very much.

I'm in Italy. However I tried your solution but it did not work. However your suggestion pointed me out in the right direction: I changed the locale to English for the Ods graphics editor through Locale Setup manager and now it works!.

Thank you again


Obsidian | Level 7

Contact the Italian support, they'll give you the link to the Italian version of this file 😉

best regards




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