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Pyrite | Level 9

I was trying to display a longitudinal data (for 10 IDs), with the code below, to see wager patterns of these 10 IDs. But I got the error attached below the code. 

has a similar error message. It says" To circumvent the problem, assign a more logical length to the attribute map variables. ", but how to assign a more logical length to the attribute map variables?


Proc SGplot  data = top10.top10_play_tiemzone;
series x=wagerdatetime y=total_wager /
LineAttrs= (pattern=1 color="black");



ERROR:  An exception has been encountered.
Please contact technical support and provide them with the following traceback information:

The SAS task name is [SGPLOT]
ERROR:  Read Access Violation SGPLOT
Exception occurred at (07AD0DBD)
Task Traceback
Address   Frame     (DBGHELP API Version 4.0 rev 5)
0000000007AD0DBD  00000000283EA4D0  sasdoc:tkvercn1+0x5FD7D
0000000007AD4EEA  00000000283EA510  sasdoc:tkvercn1+0x63EAA
0000000007AD401F  00000000283EA570  sasdoc:tkvercn1+0x62FDF
000000000621F63A  00000000283EA578  sasods:tkvercn1+0x1CE5FA
00000000060A2B79  00000000283EA7D0  sasods:tkvercn1+0x51B39
000000000609FCD6  00000000283EA910  sasods:tkvercn1+0x4EC96
00000000261DF38A  00000000283EA918  sassgplo:tkvercn1+0xAE34A
00000000261650EC  00000000283EFBF0  sassgplo:tkvercn1+0x340AC
0000000002E78A2B  00000000283EFBF8  sashost:Main+0x10F0B
0000000002E7E66D  00000000283EFF50  sashost:Main+0x16B4D
00000000775959BD  00000000283EFF58  kernel32:BaseThreadInitThunk+0xD
00000000777CA2E1  00000000283EFF88  ntdll:RtlUserThreadStart+0x21

Pyrite | Level 9

I also have another error when runnin sgplot for scatter plot :

ERROR: Internal error in Java extension NewDoubleArray().
ERROR: Java virtual machine exception. java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space.

Super User

Post data in the form of a datastep to see if others can duplicate the issue.

Super User

1. Can you generate any graphs?

2. Are you sure your code is correct, I'm not sure the lineattrs statement is correct?

3. What version/type of SAS are you using?

Pyrite | Level 9

I use sas 9.4 64 bit on win7.

the code is from page 4 of

it works. If I use where statement to select only one person's data, it worked:


Proc SGplot  data = top10.top10_daily_wager ;
where DUPI="055de0f8c73c03f36667ef0cb1a46ad4dee09333"; /* DUPI is ID */
series x=date y=sum_wager_day /
LineAttrs= (pattern=1 color="black");


I guess the data is too large -- I selected 10 players  and it could not run. So I can generate the picture one by one.


also, when I tried scatter plot, I got the Java error too with 10 players' data; if only player, it is fine. So I think somehow I cannot do 10 players' figures all together. The code below worked, without where statement it will not.


proc sgplot data= top10.top10_play_tiemzone;
where DUPI="055de0f8c73c03f36667ef0cb1a46ad4dee09333";
scatter x=wagerdatetime y=total_wager / 
markerattrs=graphdata2(symbol=circlefilled) transparency=0.8;
xaxis grid;
yaxis grid;





Barite | Level 11

SAS should never end with an exception. You should always report these kinds of problems to Tech. Support. They're in the best position to determine the cause of the problem and offer either a workaround or a fix for it.

Pyrite | Level 9
Yes. I will provide the error info to SAS.



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