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Calcite | Level 5

I have to plot some mean data by a group.

By default the names in the legend is then the names from the defined group.

Are the anyway you can refer to a another variable for to appear in the name in the legend.  


As an axample below: I want to plot the  dataset and instead of having grouping variable MAKE

"Acura"  "Audi"

in the names legend I want to refer to the variable ORIGIN

"Asia" "Europe" 

Is that posible (sorry, not the most meanigfull example) ? 


proc summary (obs=20)  nway;
class make;
var EngineSize Length;
id origin;
output out=plotds mean=avg_eng avg_len ;

proc sgplot data=plotds;
 scatter x=avg_eng  y=avg_len / group=make   ;
Super User

That doesn't make a heck of a lot of sense, but you can use a format to control the display of the variables. 


You create the format outside of the SGPLOT and apply it to the data with a format statement. 



Super User

If you want the origin in the legend then use origin in the group statement.

Or is there something else you are attempting that does not work for?

Meteorite | Level 14

Do you mean something like this?

Make and Origin may not have similar number of levels.  

May be better to just label the Origin on each marker.


proc summary (obs=20) nway;
class make;
var EngineSize Length;
id origin;
output out=plotds mean=avg_eng avg_len ;

ods graphics / reset attrpriority=none;
proc sgplot data=plotds nocycleattrs;
scatter x=avg_eng y=avg_len / group=origin name='a' markerattrs=(size=10) ;
scatter x=avg_eng y=avg_len / group=make datalabel=make markerattrs=(size=10) ;
keylegend 'a';



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