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Jade | Level 19

Can an SGE file be editied by any program other than the "SAS Graphics Editor"?


No. An SGE file is a specialized format that can only be edited by the ODS Graphics Editor. The file contains information for editing a "live" graph, as opposed to an image that can be edited in an image editor.

SAS Employee

No, it was not designed to be edited by other applications.

May we know why you'd like to do that?

With Regards,


Jade | Level 19

I ask because I need to create a file using GTL that is editable.  It seems the consumer cannot use the "SAS Graphics Editor".  Is there another file format that I can create with ODS GRAPHICS that is editable.

SAS Employee

With SAS 9.3, SAS Graphics Editor is part of BASE SAS.

If your consumer does not have any access to SAS, your options will be to generate an image and use image editors, or, generate SVG output (available in SAS 9.3) and use SVG-based editors.


ods listing;

ods graphics / outputfmt=svg;

<your code>


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Jade | Level 19

I tried different IMAGEFMT options PNG, GIF, JPEG, WMF, TIFF, PDF, PS

I could not produce a WMF and the PS AND PDF formats did not provide the desried result.

I'm use SAS 9.2 on UNIX.

Meteorite | Level 14

It would be good to know what kind of editing the consumer wants to do?  The SGE file is editable by the ODS Graphics Editor and anyone can obtain ODSG Editor from the SAS download page for installation on PC and Linux without a SAS license.  Can your consumer not install this? 

Or, is it that you want a metafile output format like PDF or EMF that can be edited by external (non-SAS) editors?  If yes, you will need SAS 9.3 to create output in such formats.



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