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I am producing SAS ODS figures in RTF that look fine within my group. When I send to others, they cannot see the x-axis labels.  Anyone know why this might happen?  


Here's the program.  I can see everything fine, the x-axis and all the labels and ticks. But when I send out to others, they cannot.  The y-axis does not seem to have any issues.  Note, they can see the legend and the footnotes under the x-axis.




options orientation=landscape nodate nonumber;

options leftmargin= 1in rightmargin = 1in topmargin = 0.5in bottommargin = 0.5in;


ods _all_ close;

ods rtf file = "&outdir\&shrtname..rtf" nogtitle nogfootnote;


goptions reset=goptions device=png300 gsfname = graphout;



ods graphics / width=1200 height=900 noborder ;


proc sgplot data=ds2  ;

scatter x=avisitn y=pchg /  group=subjid 


series x=avisitn y=pchg / group=subjid grouplp=&grp.

lineattrs=(pattern=solid thickness=1);


keylegend  /title = "&titl."  type=&type. sortorder = ascending;



xaxis type=linear label="Visit Day"    min =10 max = 70 values=(10 30 40 70)  valueshint valuesformat = figfmt.;


yaxis label=&ylabel values=(&ymin to &ymax by &yby);


refline &refline. / axis =y lineattrs=(pattern = dash thickness = 1) ;



ods rtf close;



Super User

Are you sharing the RTF file or converting to DOCX or other format?


Does your figfmt. include any style elements such as font appearance?


Either of these might have issues related to display of RTF graphics.


Providing dummy data that we could graph plus definition of the format and values of macro variables used might allow more specific answers.



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