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Quartz | Level 8
Hi ,

Can anyone explain me how to represent different symbols like +/-,µ in titles,footnotes in graphs , which generally does not work if we apply them directly . Are there any options to use them?

Thanks in advance
Meteorite | Level 14
If you're running v9.2, then you should be able to use unicode characters, such as the ones in the "albany amt" font we ship with sas, in the title as follows...

title "Here is the mu character: " font="albany amt/unicode" '03bc'x;
proc gplot data=sashelp.class;
plot height*weight;

(With the caveat that it might depend on what graphical proc you're running, and whether you're using "gtitles", and what output device you're using.) Message was edited by: Robert Allison @ SAS
Quartz | Level 8
Thank you for your answers. But i am working on v8.2 and i think this doesn't work on 8.2 .Can u please tell me the options / font in v8.2 . I am working this on proc gplot and this has to be created in PDF.
Meteorite | Level 14
If you're running on a PC, and your sas is prior to v9.2, you can typically use any non-unicode font character you have installed on your PC (for example, font="symbol" '6d'x for the mu character).

But having gone through several versions (v9, v9.1, v9.1.3, v9.2) I don't have v8.2 on my PC anymore, so I can't try it to make 100% sure this will work. (btw - I *really* recommend upgrading to v9.2! - you're missing out on a lot of nice new features!)

Might be a good question for Tech Support, if nobody here can give a definitive answer!
To follow up on Robert's post, if you happen to be using the SG procedures at 9.2, you can use ODS inline formatting to insert the Unicode value in titles, footnotes, axis labels, etc.:

title "This is X(*ESC*){unicode '00b2'x}";




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