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My objective is to be able to populate power points using various PROC's that SAS offers.  Key things that aren't working to well for me thus far:

  1. It would seem reasonable to state that in order to populate the slide title will cause an additional "blank" slide to be added.
  2. Under the title "in both attached pptx, labeled Car Stuff" I would like to have a line added under, really a line to separate the title and the content of the slide.
  3. The footnote statement as is, is placed in the location of the footer in the PPTX.  Using ODS TEXT, I can generate a footer for the specific PROC.  However, placement is somewhat of a crap shoot...  Is there a way to dynamically place this immediately following the procedure output?
  4. Would you advise the use of PROC TEMPLATE for this?  Included is PROC TEMPLATE statement which handles some of the base design for this.  If you add any additions to the TEMPLATE procedure can you please include the references that you used?  Assuming these are links.
  5. Dynamic ODS REGION placement is the key to what I would consider success for this exercise.

Normally, I would just modify this manually.  However, coding is not the same any more.  My work is scrutinized by 4+ audit companies which asks questions like "How do you know the results made it to the presentation correctly."  Currently, we are landing aggregated data to excel then populating the PPTX.  Championing code which generates the PPTX using compiled model results would alleviate this specific audit question.


I am generating the PPTX on a Linux X64 version.



SAS_help.pptx is the file generated by physical code, Should be ran first, prior too running the is the code which generates the PPTX

Desired Output.pptx, modified version of SAS_help.pptx which gives details surrounding issues that I am currently facing.



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