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Obsidian | Level 7


I am generating multiple page graphs. One page graph for each subject like wise I have 100+ page graph output. I am using below codes to present titles and footnote by controlling them startpage=Yes/now option. Now I am facing unique problem where tilte and footnote appearing correctly in first page but second page onwards I am getting one space before the footnote. Please see the attached where I highlighted in rec box. Could you please guide me how do I remove these space second page onwards.


Here is the code I used:-


ods listing close;
options nobyline nodate nonumber orientation=landscape papersize=LETTER;
ods escapechar='^';
ods path template.customtemp sasuser.templat(read) sashelp.tmplmst(read) ;
ods path(prepend) work.templat;

ods rtf file = "&base2/tfl/prod/figures/&tflno..rtf" NOGTITLE NOGFOOTNOTE ;

options mprint mlogic;
%macro grp;

%do i=1 %to 3;

data _null_;
set chk(where =(ord=&i.));
by subjid;
call symputx("subj"||left(put(&i,3.)),strip(subjid));
call symputx("trt"||left(put(&i,3.)),strip(trt02a));

options nonumber nodate orientation=landscape center;

ods graphics / reset width=9.8in height=5.0in ;

ods rtf startpage=now;

ods rtf text="(*ESC*)S={outputwidth=100% just=c}{&ttl1}";
ods rtf text="(*ESC*)S={outputwidth=100% just=c}{&ttl2. &popttl}";
/* ods rtf text="(*ESC*)S={outputwidth=100% just=c} {}"; */

title1 h=8pt j=l "&__sponsor.";
title2 h=8pt j=l "&__protocol." ;

proc sgplot data=outdata(where=(ord=&i.)) dattrmap=zattrs pad=12%;
scatter x=ady y=mean / /*yerrorupper=high yerrorlower=low*/
group=prm groupdisplay=cluster clusterwidth=0.5 attrid=myid ;
series x=ady y=mean / group=prm groupdisplay=cluster clusterwidth=0.5 attrid=myid name='s' markers ;
series x=ady y=mean / markerattrs=(size=0) x2axis;
xaxis label="Visit" type=linear values=( &xaxis. ) offsetmin=0.10 ;
yaxis label="Biochemistry" values=(&yaxis.)
offsetmin=0.14 offsetmax=0.02;
x2axis label="Subject=&&subj&i &&trt&i" display=(noline noticks novalues);
keylegend 's' / border location=inside position=topright across=1;

ods rtf text="(*ESC*)S={outputwidth=100% just=l color=black}{&fnn1}";
ods rtf text="(*ESC*)S={outputwidth=100% just=l color=black}{&fnn2}";
ods rtf text="(*ESC*)S={outputwidth=100% just=l color=black}{}";
ods rtf text="(*ESC*)S={outputwidth=100% just=l color=black}Program Run: &sysdate &systime Output Name: &tflno..rtf Page &i. of %left(&maxpg.)";

ods rtf startpage=off;



ods rtf close;
ods _all_ close;




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