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Quartz | Level 8

I have a dataset which have latitude and longitude details at the post code/address level for France country. I want to create a sas graph at the region level to show the region level product percencage .


FYI... the sas dataset World_maps at city level not at post code/address level


Early response is highly appriciated.

Super User

Do you have a way of mapping the postal code or addresses to regions? Most places have a look up table. SAS can geocode (PROC GEOCODE) but not sure it has the files for France. It doesn't appear to. 


If you have a SHP file with the boundaries that's helpful. You can use PROC GINSIDE to map the locations to a region.


Maps at city level are also available on the SAS MAPS ONLINE page. 

Super User

Edit - my bad, I misread your question - please ignore my response. 

Meteorite | Level 14

Do you want to take your lat/long coordinates, and plot dots (or markers) on a map at those locations, and have the colors of the dots represent the data? (for this you could use Proc Gmap, and annotate the points)


Or, do you want to figure out which region the lat/long points are in, and then aggregate (average, etc) the values within each region, so you can produce a map showing the regions, with the region area colored by the aggregate (average, etc) values? (for this, you could use Proc Ginside to determine which region the lat/long points are in)




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