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Rhodochrosite | Level 12

Could you please guide me to create a similar chart in proc report or proc tabulate or proc freq?

Super User

PROC REPORT or TABULATE do not generate charts. 

PROC FREQ can, but I don't think it does the chart you want so without a SAS/GRAPH or SGPLOT license you're possibly out of luck.


I'm assuming you're on a SAS version less than 9.3 though, which is about a decade old at this point. I'll also assume you're recommending that your company upgrade to SAS 9.4. 


If you must have a graph, I would recommend using Excel and DDE and then output to PDF or whatever you needed but its obviously a workaround and a lot more work. Or a different language you have access to, such as R or Python. 

Super User

This is what I got with PROC FREQ - you can customize variables using labels. I believe any more changes to styes would need to happen via a template modification which is more time that I have to spend on this issue. It could likely be done. I'm not sure this works on SAS 9.1 but should work on 9.2+.


proc transpose data=temp out=temp2;
by name;
var Avg_Talk_Time_Answered_Calls Avg_ACW_Time_Answered_Calls;

proc freq data=temp2;
table _name_*name / plots=freqplot( twoway=grouphorizontal);
weight col1;

@JeffMeyers gave a great solution for using SGPLOT. I thought I would take his program and show another variation using SGPANEL:


data test;
  length name average_talk_time_answered_calls Average_ACW_Time_Answered_Calls $200;
  name='Van der Haeghen, Wendye (E003983)';
  name='Verhaeghe, Johny (E002902)';

data temp(drop=Average_Talk_Time_Answered_Calls Average_ACW_Time_Answered_Calls) ;
set test;

data plot;
    set temp;
    length category $100.;
    category='Average Talk Time Answered Calls';time=Avg_Talk_Time_Answered_Calls;output;
    category='Average ACW Time Answered Calls';time=Avg_ACW_Time_Answered_Calls;output;

ods graphics / reset width=10in;
title 'Avg Talk Time (sec), ACW Talk Time (sec) Calls Answered';
proc sgpanel data=plot;
     panelby name / onepanel layout=columnlattice colheaderpos=bottom novarname;
     vbar name / response=time group=category groupdisplay=cluster grouporder=descending;
     keylegend / title='';
     rowaxis min=0 max=350 values=(0 to 350 by 50) offsetmin=0 offsetmax=0
             grid gridattrs=(color=black pattern=solid) display=(nolabel);
     colaxis display=none offsetmin=0.3 offsetmax=0.3;


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