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Fluorite | Level 6

hi all,

we create internal entities for VI that are stored in fdhdata

when we are going to SAS Studio, we can't see those tables

we can see them when we connect to PG directly

question: what privilege we should grant for our SAS STUDIO user so we will see and be able to query from these tables?

Thanks a lot,


SAS Employee

Hello, I can recommend two possible approaches:


1. In Visual Investigator, create a Workspace and then export your data using the "Explore and Visualize Data" window. This will export your data to CAS. I believe SAS Studio (and SAS Visual Analytics) can readily access it from there. Refer to "Export Data to SAS Visual Analytics" in the user's guide for more detail.


2. Alternatively, direct access through Postgres is possible, but not recommended. To do this, you would need to contact your DBA and ask to create a Postgres user account with minimal privileges. Ideally read-only access to the specific tables that you are interested in would be sufficient.


I hope this helps!