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My client currently has SAS AML 7.1 solution. Recently, they installed MDE - Microsoft defender on the SAS servers much impacted on daily AGP jobs. 

Error - User does not have appropriate authorization level for library work.

We know that it is not a SAS issue, because we have recreated 1 year with of table views thinking that one of the files was corrupted. 

We requested the client to exclude the SAS files and paths from scanning, but after every few AGP rans, the jobs fails again, with the same error. 

We have check all out permissions, and nothing changed. 

SAS AML now only works properly if the anti-virus that was installed recently is disabled. 

This solution was implemented in 2019, and since then, this error has never occured until recently where we found the anti-virus installed on the SAS servers. Does anyone have the same issue with anti-virus installed. 

Further to this, same code was tested in SAS enterprise guide and Base SAS, we even changed the WORK path which threw same error. 

We also only have 1 scheduled job, that is running, so theres nothing else that could be impacting the jobs. 

Please if anyone has encountered this issue, kinldy advise. 

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If you have not already contacted SAS Tech Support I suggest you do so. They will have access to more tools and diagnostic to what appears to be an impact from other software.



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All *.sas7b* files should be exempt from checking by the anti-virus software.


Alternatively, consider switching to a real server operating system (read: UNIX) which does not need such stuff. SCNR.

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