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Fluorite | Level 6

hi all,
looking into TDC_ALERT_ACTION , the child object for TDC_ALERT

we can see that most of the values are codes:
e.g disposition_reason_cd , etc
we have a tab and grid for this alert actions
but we would like to show the value, e.g the test on disposition reason and not a code.
how to do this?

Thanks in advance!

SAS Employee


If you are using the standard VI Child-Object Viewer, showing disposition reason cd is always going to be a problem because different domains will use different reference tables for their list of disposition reasons. The child object viewer is not flexible enough to know which table to look in. There is a better solution to viewing alert history though. In 10.8 you can add a history toolbar item to all Alert pages. If you add the history item to the toolbar, it will show the alert history and it is clever enough to use the relevant table based on the alert domain. It also shows you a lot more information in a much friendlier way.