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Pyrite | Level 9


if I run the code of my STP in EG the program runs without errors but embedded in a STP and via the

Stored Process Web Application I can the error "ERROR: The user does not have sufficient authority to access the data set files."

Why is that? The STP is set to run on the "Stored Process Server only". No specific user credentials are required. The data is not secret or specific for a particular user group. I also configured "allow execution on selected applications servers only" i.e, store source code in metadata. No result capabilities enabled (stream,package)




proc sql STIMER;
   connect to oracle as oracleadb (user=ADBS password='{SAS002}xxxxxxx' path=ADBS);
     create table SASxx.fact (COMPRESS=YES) as
       select *
           from connection to oracleadb          

                select x from y
            )  /*connection close*/      
   disconnect from oracleadb;



Quartz | Level 8
Hi Metallon,

STP server is configured to run under a different user (application) ID when compared to a workspace server which is what you would use in SAS EG session.

I would recommend to go back to your stored process and select to run on workspace server only (rather then stored process server), also select the same workspace server that you use in SAS EG. This means your stored process will run a bit slower, but it will assume the same credentials as your SAS EG session, so there should be no problem with permissions.
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Pyrite | Level 9
Hi Vasilij,
Yes, that is a solution but I would rather configure my stored process server correctly. it basically means I can never use it unless I sort out this issue I have now. there must a be a way to set the rights for the technical STP user (app) to have access to the library.
thanks for your reply!
Quartz | Level 8

I guess you are the admin? If so, have a look at the configuration of stored process. By default, stored process user is "sassrv".
How is your library configured? Is it managed on Metadata server? If that's the case, open up your SMC, find the library and under authorisation tab add the stored process user (default:sassrv) to be authorised to use libname.


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Tourmaline | Level 20
The fact that you are creating a permanent SAS table is argument for hving it deployed in a WorkSpace server. End user reporting should avoid storing data in shared permanent libraries.
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