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We need to install two instances of sas 9.4 spawners on a single RHEL server. One for the users who are behind the firewall and another one for the users who are outside of firewall. If there is any document available to help us install multiple spawners please let me know.


Thank you



Super User

One spawner per physical machine, but you can define multiple application server contexts on the same physical machine, using separate port numbers and different configurations.

Amethyst | Level 16

it’s possible to install more than one object spawner in the same host, I actually like to do it because granularity helps for maintenance and troubleshooting a sas app server without impact for the others.

Just beware that your WIP platform will be attached to 1 SAS app server. If some web apps, such as SAS studio allow execution in other sasapps that’s is a different story.

You will only need to deploy again with SDW, the SAS app server, selecting object spawner too. Very easy.

I have a question, though: since this design choice you are taking is related to a security split between internal and external users, what are the security setting you plan to split? This would help us to provide insights and perspective.
Obsidian | Level 7

Thank you for the reply. I am working with Server Administrators who control our servers. I do not have admin rights for the server, I wish I had one, because the administrators do not understand SAS well and I have to passively and remotely work with them. To answer your question, we have separated the data in two directories. Few sas users on our campus work with some of our datasets. We created a separate directory for the outside users and they can only access that, where as we can access all the data.



Obsidian | Level 7


Our Server administrators tried to run second spawner but following error msg is popping up. There is further text of mine after the below error message, please make sure to read that.


root@sas init.d]# service sasspawnerp94 start
Starting SAS Spawner public
[root@sas init.d]# SAH201001I Server SAS Connect Spawner, State, starting

SAS Connect Spawner version 9.40 (build date: Jul 23 2014)
Copyright (C) 2011-2013, SAS Institute Inc., Cary, NC, USA. All Rights Reserved
The IOM server command failed to specify a listen port or service. Therefore the default port 7541 will be used.
ERROR: The TCP/IP tcpSockBind support routine failed with error 98 (The specified address is already in use.).
ERROR: Bridge Protocol Engine Socket Access Method was unable to bind the listen socket to port 7541.
ERROR: The Bridge Protocol Engine Socket Access Method listen thread failed during the definition of the server listen.
Bridge PE SAM listen thread is exiting (0).
For the IOM thread puddle, there were 1 requests processed. The maximum number of requests queued was 0. The maximum number of worker threads was 1.
Bridge protocol engine has quiesced.
Bridge protocol engine is unloading.
ERROR: Unable to initiate the IOM run-time.
Failed to initialize cradle support



Administrators tried following commands


/soft_kits/sas94/SASFoundation/9.4/utilities/bin/cntspawn -mgmtport 4020 &




/soft_kits/sas94/SASFoundation/9.4/utilities/bin/cntspawn -service spawnerp &


gives above error message. 


 If they hard code the port number using -mgmtport option there is no error message, but spawner doesn't seem to listen to the port.


Thank you




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