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Pyrite | Level 9



I wanted to integrate python with SAS Studio. If you have any idea on this, could you please share.



Diamond | Level 26 RW9
Diamond | Level 26


What I would say is be careful when using more than one technology.  You may create a whole wonderful program coded in python, but when it goes to production, those who don't know python will not want your code.  There are valid reasons to use python for some reasons (extermely long numbers for instance, or user interfaces), but don't use another technology just for the sake of it.

Pyrite | Level 9
Thanks for the reply. Our project is mainly involved with python integration, as our cleint will be using python coding.
Diamond | Level 26 RW9
Diamond | Level 26

Define "integration".  Could mean any number of things.  For instance if you just need to read SAS datasets there appears to be a package for it:


No need for studio.  If however you intend to use SAS for analysis and such like, then you would first need a license, then you would have a server setup with SAS installed on it and use stored processes (or have a web front end for reports and such like).  Its quite hard to say without any information.

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I see this post is about a year old, but I've only gotten on to this Communities site and have started looking at various posts.

Thought I would mention something that might be what you're looking for. Though, as others has mentioned, it kind of depends on what you're really looking to do.

Studio doesn't let you write python code or drive it from python code. But there is a python module that connect to SAS 9.4 called saspy:

There is also a python module that allows you to connect to CAS (the SAS server in Viya):


Each of these are python interfaces, so you are writting python code to interact with SAS. These work with Jupyter notebooks, which are in interactive web based UI, like Studio, but not specific in any way to SAS, just a popular open source Notebook interface.


You may have already seen this since this was posted, but I thought I'd share incase anyone else happened to look at this port for an answer!




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