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Calcite | Level 5


can someone tell me how to create a stored process in base sas.what is the syntax for that and how to define a server and register the metadata for that.

there are 3 steps

creating the stored process

defining the server

register the metadata

Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

I haven't done it but here is what seems to be a good reference document:



  That paper describes how to create & register the stored process using EG, which is one of the 2 places where you can register metadata for a stored process.

  To create your stored process you:

1) start with a working SAS program, usually one that produces visible ODS output

2) once you know the program is working then you add the stored process syntax elements:


%global promptvar1 promptvar2;


. . . your code . . .


Then, you may have to adjust your code to use the prompting variables (defined in the %global statement;

3) register the metadata using either Enterprise Guide or SAS Management Console. You will need to know:

--name of the stored process

--metadata repository for the stored process

--server used for execution -- stored process server or workspace server

--prompts need to be defined

--results type of output: streaming, package, none

You can do #2 in a text editor or in EG, using the stored process wizard. You can do #3 in EG or in SMC. For #1, you have some choices: you can start from an EG task or project or some of the tasks in a project; you can start from code that you already have written.


Calcite | Level 5

Hello Cynthia,

I have following doubts in creating stored process.

1.How to register the metadata? Note: I have EG.

2.How to name a stored process, where should i kept?

3.How to create a sas stored process server?

Tourmaline | Level 20

1. File - New - Stored Process

2. Design issue, ask the system administator if there is one.

3. A task for the system administrator. But usaually this is done during installtion, or configu5ration of  the metadata environment. Do you have access to SAs Management Console? If not, who has? What server objects are configured in metadata?

Data never sleeps
Calcite | Level 5

None of the systems in here has SAS Management Console. What should i do?


Vimal_U wrote:

None of the systems in here has SAS Management Console. What should i do?

Check your SAS licence. The SAS Management Console ist part of the software package of an (E)BI-Server.



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