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Quartz | Level 8


I'am trying to intégrate a SP in an external page.

For now I've made my own html form and the SP results are then showed in an iframe.

The SP will now be more complex, I need cascading dynamic promprts, like the one I can create in SAS and see on


Is it possible/permitted to find and copy those javascipt prompts ?


Quartz | Level 8 NN
Quartz | Level 8


Pretty much sure that with the help of admin team you can locate the jsp file that is created for each stored process with prompts..I think when you define your prompts a JSP of the same stored process name gets created... Not sure if its in the same path or not..

Just incase if you donot find any solutions.. then you can always program your own dynamic prompts

Quartz | Level 8


Can't find any jsp file or file named after my SP

And not programming dynamic cascading prompts myself is what I'am asking.

I know they exist, since I can see them on the web stored process page.

Quartz | Level 8

I learned we have a second sas server

sasbi : no *.jsp files at all, but well my SP :

/NRC/Stored Process/

sasjboss : a lot of *.jsp files (1800), but none of them is more recent than march 2012 and none have the name NRCgraphics_1d

And this is confirmed with this message :

"File From default input / input/NRC/Stored_Process/NRCgraphics_1d.jsp not found.."

given when running the SP with &_PROGRAM=/NRC/Stored%20Process/NRCgraphics_1d&_action=form

any idea where I should search ?

Quartz | Level 8 NN
Quartz | Level 8

Hi Mathias,

I am sorry i cannot be of much help here ..The info i gave you is something that i has read in the blow page

I was trying to create some custom prompts but since i didnot have access to the configuration files i too couldnot find anything.

and so i ended up programming my own prompts



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