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Quartz | Level 8

I'm lost with the doc and I'm wondering if I don't mixed the things I'm reading .... Is WRS 3.1 able to show a ODS PDF result created in a STP ?

Otherwise, Do I have to buy the portal to offer this possibility to my users ?
Not exactly. WRS is a unique interface, built with Java. When you view a report inside WRS, one of the menu options is to print to PDF (I don't have my WRS started up right now, so I'm not sure of the exact menu choice). So, a report that is viewable in WRS can be printed to PDF.

Stored processes that are displayed in WRS are internally described by a markup language called "SASReport XML" -- this XML is rendered on the screen and would be further rendered to PDF if you did a print to PDF.

From the standpoint of WRS, everything you see on the screen is SASReport XML and the user can choose to print to PDF when/if they want to have a physical copy of the report.

If you are submitting a stored process from the client applications, the 2 clients that will allow you to create PDF files directly from a SP are Enterprise Guide and the Information Delivery Portal. In addition, the Stored Process Web Application (SPWA) will allow you to run stored processes from a URL (outside the Portal -- for example, if you had your own front end reporting system that used HTML) and with the SPWA, you can generate almost any kind of results.

For more information about how to generate PDF output inside WRS, you might consider contacting Tech Support.

Quartz | Level 8
Cynthia, thanks.

I don't see a print to PDF within the menu.

If I understand, you can print the report with a tool like PDFcreator but you can't see an ODS PDF output where I put ODS region statements etc ... for that, I create a STP and run it via the portal or SEG (or SPWA).

I think it's clear and logic now.
Under the REPORT menu button is a page setup button. When you choose Page Setup, there is a button that says "Preview and Print" ...if you select Preview and Print, a PDF is built and the PDF opens in a new browser window. I think you can do the same thing from the Manage Report task.

But, you are also correct, you cannot have an ODS PDF "job" in a stored process and have that stored process open and display correctly in WRS. WRS wants your SP to create SASReport XML, because it is the SASReport XML that is rendered in the WRS application. I am not sure whether SASReport XML supports ODS REGION statements -- I suspect not -- since that capability was designed for PDF/Printer which is a paged destination.

If I have not remembered the exact steps to print to PDF, you can check with Tech Support -- I think the capability is built into WRS.




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