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I am hoping if someone could help me with a question. We are on SAS EBI 9.2 Web applications 4.3 which allows output from a stored process to be used in BI Dashboard through the application. What I want to do is to create a dynamic prompt which allows multiple value selection and link that to different objects in the dashboard through client or server side filtering. We have tried Information Map as a source, however the dynamic prompt on the dashboard through an IMAP only allows a single value selection. I haven't tried stored process as a source, and was hoping if I can get some help if someone has already done this or maybe point me to some documentation which can help me create multiple value prompt in a BI Dashboard. Let me know if need more details.



Calcite | Level 5


In the newly released The 50 Keys to Learning SAS Stored Processes book this example along with other ways to use stored processes with the SAS BI clients are shown step-by-step.

Hope this helps,


Calcite | Level 5

I know this post is several years old at this point, but this is precisely what I'm trying to do.  I've worked through you date range prompt blog and have created dynamic prompts that work are tied correctly to one another (I actually changed to individual days to suit my needs).  I can't figure out how to get other indicators to use these Start and End dates for scaling.  For example, a bar chart with an date-based x-axis that changes based on the Start and End dates. Is this what your book describes? If not, is there a way to accomplish this?

Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

The stored process should present a data table like any of the other sources.  Are you sure your stored process is producing a result? 

Here's another blog post about creating BI Dashboards:

BI Dashboards Kicked Up a Notch

You'll find some other posts that might help you as well.

Tricia Aanderud

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Calcite | Level 5

First, Thanks for the link. Any and all resources are welcome.

I'm fairly certain that the stored process are working correctly.  I have two dynamic prompts.  One for start date, which presents a drop down of all dates within a range in the program and a second (end date) which give a list of all dates after the start date.  These are working and providing a desired output.  I have several other indicators, though, that I would like to control with these dates.  So a SD and ED are entered, and the Date-based X-axis of my stacked bar chart scales to the provided time frame, providing more or fewer bars/dates.

The two dates drop-downs might not be the best way to do it, but it's the only way I've found that approaches a solution.


Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

I'm at a disadvantage because I have not seriously used the BI Dashboard for over a year so some of the tools nuisances have escaped me.

Here's some of my thoughts - I don't know what applies to your situation:

  • Seems like some indicators cannot be controlled by another indicator (or not the way you want it )
  • You do have to setup the data to support multiple prompts (DOC REF)
  • Interactions between indicators can be tricky - so plan and test carefully.

Tricia Aanderud

Twitter: @taanderud - Follow me!



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