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Hi everyone

I am trying to build a startpage thingy in Information Delivery Portal. This startpage should display a URL Display Portlet, which runs a stored process that builds  a _webout file to display my results. So far, so good.

The stored process is supposed to build a link to SAS Enterprise GRC, and this works. However, if the user is not already loged in to EGRC, he/she has to sign on again. I would like to use sso not only with the url display portlet to the stored process but also from the stored process to EGRC. Is this possible?

FYI, I've already tried creating a session and forwarding the session id, but that dosn't work.

To have sso between the Portal and the STP I use SASPortal/Director?_directive=STPRun. How do I use sso from the STP to EGRC?


SAS Employee

I solved the issue for ONE USER by copying the URL from a generated program-link in a collection portlet.

The stored process now generates an URL that looks like this:


It seems to be working for now at least but the A5R04BW6.AY00000J is user dependent. A5R04BW6 is the same for each user and AY00000J is different for each user and link.

The problem now is that I don't now how to generate/get the A5R04BW6.AY00000J for the correct user and link in my stored process.

Any ideas?


Quartz | Level 8 NN
Quartz | Level 8

Hi... This looks to be the metadata id of the user.. maybe you could have  a list of the metadata id of all your users in a permanent table... and then using the predefined stored process macros of _metauser you can probably identify the users meta-id and add the same to the link...

I believe there is get metadata attr to get the details of the users.. but you would have to search more on this or wait for an expert to guide on this as i have never tried it out..




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