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Fluorite | Level 6

I have code allowing end users to choose either a date range for "filedate" or "termdate." I want to set the prompts in Management Console to limit a users data entry to if they select filedate_min and filedate_max, they then are not allowed to enter date for termdate_min and termdate_max, and vice verse. In other words, I want it to be a gray scale. I'm including my code below.  I'm not sure how I would set this up in the Management Console?

Calcite | Level 5


At my blog site I have a section on using prompts and buidling stored processes that you might find useful.

Also - just yesterday my book "Building Business Intelligence with SAS: Content Development Examples" was released.  This book covers all the ins and outs of using prompts.  You might be interested in it as well.


Fluorite | Level 6

Hi Patricia,

I had an opportunity to look at your blog site and have a few followup questions for you.

1. When using a date range prompt, is there a way to limit the date range to only custom (hide year to date, month to date, previous N days, next N days)?

2. I want to establish dependencies between two prompts, where the values that are displayed for the District prompt will depend on the value that is selected for the Division prompt. I'm just not certain how I would do this in Management console? In the example in SAS Help Management Console, it talks about having tables with columns, I'm wondering what those tables would need to look like. For instance, if the user selected Circuit (0) then the only District that would appear would be (90) District of Columbia; if the user selects Circuit (1) then the District options would be (00) Maine, (01) Massachusetts, (02) New Hampshire, (03) Rhode Island and (04) Puerto Rico and so forth.

Calcite | Level 5

Wrt. 2, your data has to have a Circuit column and a District column. In addition, you need a table just with the Circuit values. Then use the Dependencies tab in the Prompt dialogue to point the Circuit column to the selection field where you selected Circuit.

Calcite | Level 5

1 - Not that I am aware of.  Sounds like a feature request. Smiley Wink

2 - This very example is covered in the Building Business Intelligence with SAS book on pages 93 and 115. Based on the questions you have been asking - I think you would find the book a tremendous asset on your learning path.

Calcite | Level 5

Maybe you could use a text prompt with FILEDATE and TERMDATE as the selections and a separate date range prompt...then clean it up in your code



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