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Fluorite | Level 6

Does anyone know if its possible to create a stored process purely in code? I would like to use this to quickly deploy similar process to other servers as opposed to exporting and importing via the gui.

SAS Employee

It can be done through the SAS Java API, an example of which is available in the documentation here: (SAS Foundation Services)

Unless you are familiar with Java, it's probably not an approach I would recommend you taking.

Barite | Level 11

Seems to me you are looking for the batch interfaces export / import

SAS(R) 9.4 Intelligence Platform: System Administration Guide, Third Edition (preparing)

SAS(R) 9.4 Intelligence Platform: System Administration Guide, Third Edition (running import)

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Fluorite | Level 6

I'd like to have something so that I could change properties on the stored process. An example would be changing the expected input parameters of the stored process. Importing and exporting do not allow me to modify these variables before stored process creation.

Barite | Level 11

Within the import you can change some properties SAS(R) 9.4 Intelligence Platform: System Administration Guide, Third Edition (subprop to an external file)
There are more batch tools. But a complete code generation approach as batch job looks to me overkill. You have to develop and test at some moment.

Importing to an other metadataserver is saying you don not have en enterprise approach for your enterprise intelligence platform. Why not?

It could be the same topic as a discussion that I have with some DBA or not as programmer educated people.

Suppose you want to support several databases with exactly the same structure and using the same code but needing variation by physical content and physical naming (authorization). A complete metadata defined definition cannot solve that. doing that definiton as external defined does solve that.

In that case the modifications are done in the usermods files at the appserver context. Supporting different/many appserver context is a logical; approach.   

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