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Calcite | Level 5
Hi All.,

Prepared Cube in OLAP cube studio and same report displayed in to web report studio with drill down facility. Now my problem is same report has to display in IDP (dash board display). I created information viewer port let in IDP but here am unable to give the proper path.

here am experiencing with :Select a data exploration and bookmark to display.

what i have to do to achieve this.if am wrong please let me know proper way to get.

help would be great.

Obsidian | Level 7
I have developed an OLAP Cube using OLAP Cube Studio also. You can try to search all Content Types to see if you have an entry for the name of your cube that resides in a SASGeneratedMaps/. . .OLAP Schema sub-folder. You can open this, create the data exploration view that you want, and save it. Then you can add this saved file to your portlet by searching for it when you add content.

If you don't see the SAS generated map you can open the cube in the OLAP Viewer for Java (if your environment is configured to use it) and this will generate the map. You can also create a map from this cube using SAS Information Map Studio and this map will be available when searched for in the portal. Then you create your custom view and save it.
Calcite | Level 5
Hi Angel....,

am unable to identify SAS generated map and i have OLAP viewer for JAVA am trying to create the map.

if possible could u please give detail description.i can solve my problem regarding generated map or another way to display report.

Thanks for u'r advise and am working on it....
Obsidian | Level 7
Do you have access to SAS Information Map Studio? If so, then you could open the application, click on the Insert Cube icon and select your cube from the available listing. Select the cube in the left pane and Insert All using the double arrow icon. Then you could save this map in the required location for your environment. When the map is built, you can search for this map in the IDP, create the default user view and save it. Then you can add this saved data exploration to your portlet.

If you can open the SAS OLAP Viewer (our environment has changed and I am unable to open it) then you can open the cube. This should generate a map, or you may be able to create a bookmark, that you could select to add to your portlet. I had used version 2.1 of the viewer back then so this may not be a feature of the latest version.
Calcite | Level 5
Hi Angel.,

Created Information Map and added same in Web Report and IDP.

Now its working succesfully.....

Thank you very much...

want to know which company your working and where....because no one knows about BI tools in my Company, am the only person working on DI studio as well as BI tools and IDP. is my mail id if possible please send a test mail....



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