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Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

Hi All,



I wnat to create report which will following functionality :-


if user A has logged in the all current filter should show A in value.  Currenlt i am taking filter value for one table and it is showing all distance vales along with A.


Is this possible in Stored process? How can i acheive this ??


Super User

Look at the reserved macro variables &_metauser, &_rmtuser and &_username to identify the user that requests the stored process.


And please do some proofreading of your posts before hitting the submit button. Your post is very hard to read, especially for people who are not native English speakers themselves.

Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

really Sorry for my english.



I have one more doubt how create filter from _metauser varible?


I want to achive if user A logged in filter prompts it should get only Values for user A only not for other users.

Super User

Step one: verify that _metauser or another of the named macro variables contains the name you want when a STP executes (write a simple STP that just displays the macro variables)

Step two: verify that the username so derived matches the username in the datasets you use for building the filter

Step three: from what I know, one can't define a where condition for dynamic data in prompts. So you might have to do two STPs in succession:

- STP1 generates a HTML form with the subset of values that you want

- the form then calls (on submit) STP2 (which is your current STP) with the values from the HTML form in the URL




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