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SAS Employee

Hi SAS Developers,

I’m presenting a live “Ask the Expert” webinar on August 24th, 11 AM – Noon ET entitled How Do I Use SASPy to Interface with SAS® From My Python Code? I’ll give you an introduction to SASPy, our open source Python interface to SAS. We’ll explore use cases, resources and capabilities. I’ll also host a live Q&A session at the end of the webinar.

You will learn:

  • How to integrate your existing software systems with the latest open source language to write mixed workflows.
  • How SASPy can open SAS to Python programmers so they can use the best of both worlds, together.
  • A full overview of SASPy, including documentation, support resources, use cases and capabilities. the advanced features of SAS survey procs.

Reserve your spot for the webinar.


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Rhodochrosite | Level 12

Hi Tom,


Thank you for the Webinar, it was very informative.

I'm having issues with testing/implementing this new Installation/Configuration

Stand-alone SAS 9.4 install On Linux
Client Windows STDIO over SSH!
- SASPy: V3.7.4 - Python: 3.9 (64-bit)

My contains the following settings:

ssh      = {'saspath' : '<SASHomePath>/SASFoundation/9.4/bin/sas_en',
            'ssh'     : 'C:\Windows\System32\OpenSSH\ssh.exe',
            'host'    : '', 
            'encoding': 'latin1',
	    'luser'   : '<UserID>',
	    'localhost': '<localHost-IP-Address>',
            'options' : ["-fullstimer"]

When I try to Start a SAS session using

import saspy
sas = saspy.SASsession(cfgname='ssh')

 I can see the SAS session has started on my Remote Linux Box, but then Python gets stuck, and does not give me a prompt to enter any statements after that!!   


- Do you have a working configuration (Windows --> Linux) that you can share?

- Are there special Firewall settings you had to enable/define to allow bi-directional communication between the two machines?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



SAS Employee

Hey, that configuration definition looks like a plausible config. Do you have passwordless ssh configured? If not, it could be that it's hung waiting for a password to by typed in, which is why it needs passwordles (ssh keys). The other thing could be that if you've never ssh'ed to this host before, that it's not in your known_hosts file, so it's prompting you whether you want this host added or not, and is hung on that prompt. If you look at the process (the ssh process on windows), and try running that same command, with the same parameters, from a command prompt, and add -vvv, maybe you'll see what's going on. It's probably a prompt that's got it hung.



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