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Fluorite | Level 6 sks
Fluorite | Level 6
Hello All,
I have a prompt for a stored process which gets the values from a dynamic list(SAS Data set). One of the customer requirements is to add the choice "Other" to the list obtained from the SAS data set. I could not find how to add static values to the dynamic list obtained from the SAS dataset in the Stored Process Parameter window. Has anyone come across such a situation ? Is there a way to add choices that are not in the dynamic list ( I do not want the users to specify additional values that are not in the list though... )
I am debating between creating a static list with the values from the dataset and the value "Other"
or add Other as one of the values in the SAS dataset, as a workaround.

I appreciate your feedback on this issue.

Quartz | Level 8
What Versions are you using....
Fluorite | Level 6 sks
Fluorite | Level 6
> What Versions are you using....

Hi I am using SAS 9.2 M2

Calcite | Level 5

Technically, you could change the data object to a sql view which performs a UNION between the table with data and a single row with Other as data value. Then metadata register the view and use that in stead. There is no way of combining the dynamic list of values with other values within the prompt GUI.

However, you may consider if that is really worth the effort. What is supposed to happen if Other is selected? If you do not select the "Requires a non-blank value" tick box, the user is not obliged to make a selection and you can test if the underlying macro is empty, ie. no selection was made

Quartz | Level 8 NN
Quartz | Level 8


How many prompts do you have For your STP?

Quartz | Level 8

I think You can use a format for the values and set some items to other in the list.



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