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Calcite | Level 5

we are using SAS 9.4 M6 on Linux RedHat 6 Platform. 


Our Environment is very robust, 70 TB Lasr Memory with 70 nodes, each node have 40 cpus

number of nodes: 70

CPU(s) per each node: 40
Thread(s) per core: 2
Core(s) per socket: 10
Socket(s): 2


being these huge resources available, we are not seeing better performance in LASR.


My Question is : is LASR Server process requests in Parallel or Sequential 


Please find below screen shoot from LASR logs, each request is processing, not like multiple at a time.







Amethyst | Level 16

Nice resources indeed @Lalith_db .

Performance is quite a broad topic. In which specific aspect are you not seeing better performance: loading data, rendering reports, anything else? What is the change that you made to make better performance? Are you sure the performance decrease comes from the LASR service? It could be from network, as an example.


Furthermore, the logs you are showing us are from a single node, and a single process. 

I assume you already gave a look and work on a daily basis with the SAS HPA guide , are you aware and work with the tool? It is one of the best to check how your system is performing, in terms of LASR and TKGrid.

Amethyst | Level 16

In addition to above, I would say distributed SAS systems work in general (but not necessarily) better, when the distributed system is large, but not every node is too large. 8 or 16 physical core nodes are really optimal, and then it is important to keep a determined CPU/RAM ratio. It would seem better more nodes with less size than less nodes of larger sizes, in order to work with more data optimally.


In any case, I would say your best contact now is SAS Technical Support or your SAS representative, in order to take this discussion to the next level. There is no one but SAS itself who can give you the best recommendations when you wnt to achieve best performance.

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