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SAS Employee

Are you interested in running SAS in the Oracle Cloud?   If so, please review this BLOG from Oracle Cloud about some recent testing of SAS 9.4 in the Oracle Cloud. 


If you have any questions on the testing please feel free to contact Pinkesh Valdria at

Fluorite | Level 6

Hi @MargaretC - This/your post with the link is specifically about running SAS Grid on OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure).  With our size and user base, etc., we do not have or have a need for SAS Grid per se; but we are in the process of having all of our FedEx Trade Networks SAS environments moved from on-prem to OCI.  Are you aware of anything from Pinkesh and/or Oracle more about that?


RE: "


IO test for SAS WORK

This test used the script provided by SAS.



*Does this test script require deployment of SAS Grid on OCI?


I see that Margaret Crevar, Sr Manager, SAS Performance Lab, is quoted in that Oracle BLOG entry.  FYI, currently I am reading her latest version of "Important Performance Considerations When Moving SAS to a Public Cloud" (please see attachment...).  Is she active on SAS Communities?  Does she have any on-going professional contact (about the running of SAS in the Oracle Cloud but without SAS Grid) with Pinkesh Valdria / Oracle?  I am a senior Data Analyst, SAS programmer and Developer, and a SAS Administrator with FedEx Logistics.  And in my role with FedEx Logistics, Trade Networks, I don't personally connect to Oracle Corporation directly.


Also, after that blog link, I didn't see/couldn't find what's mentioned there, as I've quoted immediately below; any ideas?:


Next Steps

We’ll follow up with a more detailed reference architecture document or technical blog post that includes recommended infrastructure (compute, storage) and detailed results from joint performance testing by SAS and Oracle.



Can you please advise?  Thanks!

SAS Employee

My team has worked with Pinkesh from Oracle on testing SAS in the OCI.   What questions do you have?


Fluorite | Level 6
So, you @MargaretC are indeed the author of that SAS Paper, etc., Margaret Crevar!; very cool!! Thank you so much for your prompt and kind reply! I appreciate your patience with me and my first reply Post to you.

Here are "two" initial, quick questions that are as much for you/your SAS team as for Pinkesh?, please:
1) Is there any issue with having Non-Distributed SAS licensing (that includes VA (SAS Visual Analytics)) on OCI? (FYI, out of our five current SAS licenses, there are two of them which are non-distributed.)

2) Regardless of Distributed and/or Non-Distributed SAS licensing... Can I utilize that script as part of post-deployment (to OCI) testing? Given that we don't have SAS Grid, would it work in testing SAS on OCI? Perhaps we should take this to email, where, for reference, I would provide you with each of the SAS environments Sites numbers (with relevant details) for which I am responsible (and as currently being used before the environments are being moved to OCI), as well as with some more questions? No pressure. Please advise.
Obsidian | Level 7

Hi jjwarr3, 

For both question, i think it would best to reach out to your local SAS and Oracle account representative for advise, they can assign technical resources to assist you.
I can answer you base on what i know.
Question 1: Not that i am aware of, but SAS/Oracle architect will able to advise which compute shapes is best suite for your workload.
Question 2: yes, use linux dd command to do read and write test. It is not SAS Solution specific scripts.

Hope this help.

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