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What is the future of SAS? Python & R gaining so much market and no hearing much about SAS. Any thoughts or opinions?

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Apples and oranges. SAS is a complete data warehousing framework. R is a statistics package, and Python is a programming language with (among a lot of other good things) statistic libraries.

On top of that, SAS is still the main statistic tool certified by the FDA, IIRC.

Amethyst | Level 16

As @Kurt_Bremser said. I am not concerned at all regarding market. Specialisation is the key word here.


It is important to consider not only the current usage and SAS products, but also all the new developments with SAS and its new SAS Platform, which will allow users to code within SAS even with other languages as Python, Lua or Java as good examples. SAS will do the translation.


Another great differences of SAS upfront other systems or languages, that come to my mind, could be:


- SAS is very good at data analysis, great algorithms, that is the core of SAS. Not the language itself. 

- SAS also offers a lot bunch of good Solutions and products surrounding the SAS core, quite unique against others. This part is specially important on several aspects: 

  - It covers main requirements on all the different industries that does data analysis and statistics. Reducing the start-up time and developing time, to allow the business to focus on what matters the most.

  - Above means as well, that it will reduce costs, not only on the initial development stage, but also on integration, maintenance, etc.

- Probably much better managing real big data with all the latest developments with the new SAS Platform.

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Then let's wait and see.

BTW, ORACLE and MySQL which gonna have a bright future ?

Fluorite | Level 6
I am Oracle certified and I use MySQL for my website. My host does not have oracle. At work I use MS SQL. I used Oracle in big data warehouses in prior jobs.

I land my current job because I am certified in SAS, yet it requires a lot of SQL.

While I see a lot of jobs require SQL, I don’t see mentioning of Oracle in particular.
Fluorite | Level 6
It seems like companies are moving away from SAS and requires Python as a skill set. Just saw a job description yesterday. They care about the tool. I am working on Tableau now and need to jump to Python soon. I love SAS but SAS needs a better strategy.
Pyrite | Level 9

Hello All,


I would say , I am a beginner for SAS tool but I have never ending love towards utilizing rich amount of data which is being generated by us.,

So My question is will SAS ever be expired and new tool or language take over its place(Python, R,..etc) ??

I know it's weird to as such question but I am curious to know various people thoughts............



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Hi @arunrami. Check out a related discussion here.

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Tourmaline | Level 20

Hi @joeFurbee  May i request your help in merging this thread with the other one you mentioned. Very nice & Thank you for sharing


@arunrami  Work for money & survival(R,Python, etc), play for passion(SAS). End of the story.





Fluorite | Level 6

As per my personal view i think the usage of SAS might drop down alot but it wont be expired . It is still one of the most important analytic platform . 



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