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I am quite experienced in analytics (not perfect), but I am getting pressure by MDs to use non-systematic methods for a terrible study. I gave him my word and I'm trying to find a new job, so imagine the stress. 


They never consulted a methodologist nor epid nor statistician about the study.  The analyses has taken more time than my JAMA analyses.  I need a job b/c I have no one. 


I gave him advice that it should be reported as a descriptive study without using stats. Needless to say, he/his colleagues are very upset. 


If anyone can tell me what to say and how to say that there is nothing there except for descriptives, please let me know.  I am being bullied.  Thanks. 

Community Manager

Hi @katemcguckin,


I'm sorry for your troubling situation.  I'm not a statistician so I cannot provide any advice that's based on experience.  


However, I do know that the American Statistical Association (to which many SAS employees and communities members belong) has published guidance about ethics and statistics.  See Ethical Guidelines for Statistical Practice.


Other members might have their own advice or experience to share.





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