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Lapis Lazuli | Level 10



When I use the option SASCode it work perfect.


After accept SASCODE sometimes I want to add some comment and I edit the box as a normal text, without go to SASCODE option. Enters that I add are not printed in the final message.


This work

One enter in the text
This not work

One enter in first insert sas code and multiple added after that on the gray box of the message


Community Manager

hI @arodriguez

Thanks for adding a comment to this forum.


I see what you mean.


Proc freq test;

Now I'm adding non SAS code..


I just did a test above - in order to add the non SAS code I hit enter to add a line under the gray box and then typed the non SAS code.


If you look at Preview before posting, you should see what I mean. The SAS code will not appear syntax-highlighted until after you publish.


I may not have fully understood the issue you describe, so let me know and we can troubleshoot.  Did you click the "Running Man" icon to add the SAS code?  Have a nice day!



Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

Sorry for the delay, I was out of the office.


To add SAS code I click on the "Running Man" and a Pop-up windows appear. If you use the Pop-up windows all work fine. For example

Proc freq test;
  by var;

Imagine that you forget about to type the by var and added out of the pop-up windows, in the resulting gray box. You get something like

Proc freq test;
  by var; run;

The result doesn't respect enters and things like that, even when in the text or preview two text look equal




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