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Calcite | Level 5

 Hi dear,


I will be grateful if someone can help me with the following query: 

I have cases matched to controls and I need to attribute a value of a case for a given variable to the corresponding matched control. as detailed in the tables below, I need to attribute the value "1" of the "Varx' of the case to the control (case=0) so that the value of the control for varx become 1 instead of missing. 


Input table;

ID   Macth_ID  case   Varx

1     1a              1        1

2     1a              0        .


Output expected: 

ID   Macth_ID  case   Varx

1     1a              1        1

2     1a              0        1


Thanks in advance for your support.

Super User

Are you implying that your are matching on the Match_ID variable? If so, do you ever have more than two records with the same Match_id? Do you only have one non-missing value for Varx per Match_id?

Calcite | Level 5

Hi Ballardw


thanks for replying.


The data are already matched using the match_ID variable that identifies matched case and controls. Each case can have more than one control. Varx (that takes value 0 or 1) is missing for all the controls in the dataset but for each matched control the value of Varx is the same as for the case (i.e., if Varx =0 for the case, it should also be 0 for the matched controls). 

Hope this clarify.


thanks again

Super User

This is a lookup or merge. 


You can use a data step merge or SQL, and the COALESCE() function is helpful.


Examples and explanations can be found here:

Calcite | Level 5

Thank you reeza for your suggestion and the link you shared. It was helpful.

Have a nice weekend!


Community Manager

Hi arzon,


I'm glad you found some useful info! If one of the replies was the exact solution to your problem, can you "Accept it as a solution"? Or if one was particularly helpful, feel free to "Like" it. This will help other community members who may run into the same issue know what worked.


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