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Fluorite | Level 6


Hi, I am trying to get an understanding about managing users in the SAS Console M3 and M4. Can someone please explain further if there are risks involved in managing users and non-scheduling activities in the M4 given my understanding M4 is working well with the Grid.


I have also been receiving a warning message (attached) everytime I run the M4 since it was upgraded. Can someone please advise what are the risks involved if I keep using the M4 to manage users including keep receiving the warning message everytime I open up the console.



Opal | Level 21

You get this warning if the version and maintenance release of SAS Management Console does not match the version and maintenance release of your SAS servers.


We get this warning too as we are running SMC 9.4M5 with SAS 9.4M2. We have to run SMC 9.4M5 as it is required to run on Windows 10. I've yet to have any significant problems as a consequence. If you haven't either then you can continue to ignore the warning. To remove the warning install SMC from your SAS 9.4M4 Software Depot so the releases match.


This SAS Note explains what SAS clients work with what SAS servers:

Fluorite | Level 6

Hi SASKiwi

Thank you so much for the information.


I received another advise where they claim M4 is required for SAS scheduling in the SAS Grid. M3 is required to manage VA.

If I keep using M4 to manage VA there will be risks involved.

Is this correct? If so what are the risks for managing VA in M4 and in the unsupported environment (based on the photo attached in the original email).

Opal | Level 21

We manage a SAS VA environment also running on SAS 9.4M4 with SMC 9.4M5 and getting the same warning. Haven't run into any problems to date although we don't use the scheduling in VA.


Personally if you aren't having any problems then I wouldn't be too worried about the warning. 

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