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Pyrite | Level 9

we are having a problem, opening a DB2-Table in DI-Studio.



This is what proc contents shows me:

 Die Prozedur CONTENTS

                    Dateiname          DT7VYMAS.WS_VORS_PROTOKOLLIERUNG_OUTPUT    Beobachtungen             .   
                    Membertyp          DATA                                       Variablen                 15  
                    Engine             DB2                                        Indizes                   0   
                    Erstellt           .                                          Beobachtungslänge        0   
                    Zuletzt geändert  .                                          Gelöschte Beobachtungen  0   
                    Schutz                                                        Komprimiert               NEIN
                    Dateityp                                                      Sortiert                  NEIN
                    Datendarstellung   Standard                                                                 
                    Codierung          Default                                                                  

                                                Engine/Host-abhängige Informationen

                                                    Schema            IDSCHAD   
                                                    Server version:   11.05.0600
                                                    Client version:   11.01.0405

                                          Alphabetische Liste der Variablen und Attribute
    #    Variable                            Typ     Länge    Ausg.Format     Einl.Format     Etikett

    3    AUFRUFTIMESTAMP                     Num          8    DATETIME25.6    DATETIME25.6    AUFRUFTIMESTAMP                  
    5    AUSGANGSTIMESTAMP                   Num          8    DATETIME25.6    DATETIME25.6    AUSGANGSTIMESTAMP                
    4    EINGANGSTIMESTAMP                   Num          8    DATETIME25.6    DATETIME25.6    EINGANGSTIMESTAMP                
    8    GEOHINWEISCODE                      Num          8    11.             11.             GEOHINWEISCODE                   
    9    GEOHINWEISCODE_TXT                  Char       500    $500.           $500.           GEOHINWEISCODE_TXT               
   10    HINWEIS_TXT                         Char      2000    $2000.          $2000.          HINWEIS_TXT                      
    6    RETURNCODE                          Num          8    11.             11.             RETURNCODE                       
    7    RETURNCODE_TXT                      Char       255    $255.           $255.           RETURNCODE_TXT                   
   12    ROUTEN_GEFUNDEN                     Num          8    11.             11.             ROUTEN_GEFUNDEN                  
   11    SUCH_KRITERIUM                      Char       255    $255.           $255.           SUCH_KRITERIUM                   
   13    VAR1 Char     32000    $32000.         $32000.         VAR1 
   14    VAR2 Char     32000    $32000.         $32000.         VAR2                  
   15    VAR3 Char      2000    $2000.          $2000.          VAR3             
    2    VAR4 Char       255    $255.           $255.           VAR4
    1    VAR5 Char       255    $255.           $255.           VAR5 

Any ideas, how we can fix this?



Super User

You may get some help by posting the code that was attempted that caused that error as well as how you connect SAS to the DB database.

Pyrite | Level 9
No code. Just rightclick the table in DI-Studio and select "open"
Super User

@DanielKaiser wrote:
No code. Just rightclick the table in DI-Studio and select "open"

Suggest that you provide how the connection was set up and/or connection properties.

Pyrite | Level 9
It's a Access to DB2 library. No specific settings, should all be default.
Problem occurs for this table only - all other tables in the library work and can be opened.

What is CORBA? What causes this error? Does not seem to be a database error - more a mishandeled buffer overflow or something like this.
CORBA is part of Java

Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA)

It looks to me like the Java process is running out of memory.

I suspect the distudio.ini file could be modified to increase the memory allocation (Xmx option) which might help, but I would also check for any available hot fixes / updates for your software and/or open a technical support track.
Greg Wootton | Principal Systems Technical Support Engineer

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