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The SAS_lsm utility provides management of multi-tiered Unix/Linux based services from a single shell script using password-less Secure Shell (SSH). You can use the script from the command line, scheduled cron job, or your operating-system reboot facility.

This utility performs the following tasks for multi-tiered Unix/Linux SAS deployment:

  • reads a user-defined configuration file to establish the proper start & stop action sequence of all the tiers that comprise an entire deployment
  • provides start & stop action management of all tiers that comprise an entire deployment from one location 
  • ensures that tier-specific start action dependencies are in the correct state
    • prerequisite tiers started
    • dependency tiers stopped
  • automates start & stop action status reporting and notification for individual tiers and for the entire deployment
  • provides real-time status reporting for individual tiers and for the entire deployment

Check out Usage Note 58231: Utility that manages multi-tiered SAS® services for Unix/Linux deployments for more details!


Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

Thanks @clmeye, this is a must-have for administrators of all kinds. I've had to devise such scripts/aliases before, this will definitely ensure that the SAS n-tiers platforms are started/stopped/re-started/monitored in a more "graceful" - and technically sound - manner :-).

SAS Employee

Thanks for the feedback @ronan.  Glad to see this will be of benefit!

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