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Fluorite | Level 6

Hi ,

Hearty Greetings.


unable to update metadata of one oracle table , registered in the library.

It does not throw an error, it just shows a note : 1 Table not found in either metadata or source mentioned in select/exclude statement.


NB :

1. Table is present at the Oracle DB.

2. I am able to register the table with the very same credential I am using to update.

3. All of the accesses are permitted to the library,table, and metadata folder structure.

4. Methods used to update 

                                    A : SAS Management console

                                    B : Proc Metalib in EG


Requesting response/help/suggestion .


Amethyst | Level 16

Hello @ruturaj72,


I would investigate a bit further, about the metadata and db permissions of the user who actually registers the table, and the one who updates the table. Check the permissions on the data and metadata (including folders and library)


Perhaps also worth to check the options set for the library. Sometimes just an option makes a difference, such as the case sensitivity or the symbols. 

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