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Quartz | Level 8

Using schedule manager in SMC, I scheduled a test flow with a single job in it which writes the output of proc setinit to a text file in a network path upon successful completion. The flow is supposed to be used by me or my fellow SAS admins (with unrestricted metadata server access) to validate if PPM is working. 


Now the issue is, I'm able to successfully schedule the flow and the output file gets generate, other users with same SAS admin privileges are able to schedule the flow but they don't get the output file generated.


could someone point me to the log which I should look into for messages pertaining to my scheduled job?


do I need to add any permission at the flow for my colleagues (filesystem permissions are good)?


note : I and my colleagues have unrestricted metadata access.


Thanks in advance!



Tourmaline | Level 20

Are you using Host Operating system scheduler?

Your authorization within SAS might be correct, but scheduling takes place outside SAS as well, so check if the OS users they are using have the necessary rights.

Are you on Windows, UNIX/Linux?

Do you get an error?

Does Run now works?

Check the logs generated under ../config/Levn/SchedulingServer/, Logs directory and under respective user potentially.

Data never sleeps
Scheduled jobs run in the SAS DATA Step Batch Server, it's logs can be found here: <SAS-configuration-directory>/Levn/SASApp/BatchServer/Logs.
Be sure the other users have write access to that path as well as the network path where the output file is to be generated.
You may also want to check in Flow Manager for the exit code when the other users schedule the job.
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