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We’re already a month into 2018…so hard to believe! And the admin community is going strong, as always. We’ve had nearly 80 questions come into the community this month, so it really is a fast-paced environment. In case you missed any of the great discussions, here are my top 3:





That’s it for this month. But there was PLENTY of other worthy content on the site. In fact, I could probably do a 30 things to note message each month. What were your top items in January?



Did you miss the other installments in my series? No worries. You’ll find them below:


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Meteorite | Level 14

Thanks for your monthly three things Shelley and also the statistics. Great to see the community activity and support! Robot Happy I imagine it will grow as the year unfolds.


A couple of SAS administration discussions I liked in January were:

As the number of posts increase, remember members to also mark your questions as solved or helpful so that it helps other members when searching.


Kind Regards,


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Community Manager

Great posts, Michelle! And a truly helpful reminder about marking accepted solutions. Those rank higher in search engine results, so it's extremely important to mark them.

Amethyst | Level 16

Nice, I agree with your selections, top-noch topics in January. Thank you both @ShelleySessoms and @MichelleHomes 🙂

I was amazed at the end of this month by the release of this hotfix to update SAS Web Server (Apache) from 2.2 to 2.4. which basically points to 


Also, and related to the Upgrade of SAS 9.4 to SAS Viya, the series , by @ErwanGranger , to all who might think SAS Viya can be installed easily on same machines as SAS 9.4. In few words, it is not. , by @Renato_sas,recommended for everyone planning to move reports from VA 7.x to VA 8.2

Community Manager

Terrific selections, @JuanS_OCS! Those hot fix and update notifications/articles are so important.

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