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Rhodochrosite | Level 12


We're upgrading from SAS 9.3/Windows Server 2008 to SAS9.4/Windows Server 2012.

I know that Tanuki Java Service Wrapper have changed their licensing such that the 64-bit wrapper.exe is no longer free.

SAS are using the 32-bit community edition wrapper for a number of their Java web applications, even on 64-bit Windows.

Are there any performance implications with this approach?  I assume no, unless a Java web application required > 4GB of memory, but just want to confirm.


Please post your question as a self-contained data step in the form of "have" (source) and "want" (desired results).
I won't contribute to your post if I can't cut-and-paste your syntactically correct code into SAS.
Barite | Level 11

Interesting question as the xmx option

- SAS/GRAPH(R) 9.2: Graph Template Language Reference, Second Edition


- 42904 - 'java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space' when running a SAS® Data Integration Studio jo...

- and others  (many times)

Is mentioned to be increased as out of memory conditions.

This changes the question to the one. SAS applications can run with a limited amount of memory.

Using those SAS applications you have to specify the upper limit for your application. Can you run your applications with that limited amount of memory      

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