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I have tried to find a right documentation but no luck so far.

The aim is to send all SASServern_n log (which is currently written to localhost_access_log.<date>.txt file) straight to rsyslog. Not catalina.out.


At the moment rsyslog reads the localhost_access_log.<date>.txt file using imfile module but a) it creates additional unnecessary prefix (date, hostname,  syslog's tag) and b) the first date of the record is not the same as the second date which is the correct one. So reading logfile with imfile has some delay.


I think it must be configured from somewhere WebAppServer/SASServern_n/conf/server.xml file. The class org.apache.catalina.valves.AccessLogValve have some parameters but it is about writing to file.

Can anyone point me to the right document how to switch it to send rsyslog? I would be very grateful for the hint of a solution.






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