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Pyrite | Level 9


I'm looking for a few hours now, but can't find the correct way.

We have a windows server 2008 R2, and i want a new scheduled task which will execute .sas code.

I found something like this but it does not work. The path to the sas.exe is correct.

"C:\SAS\SASHome\SASFoundation\9.4\sas.exe" -sysin "D:\X\Y\Z\"



Pyrite | Level 9


I get this error when i want to execute this from scheduled tasks.

Super User

Then there is MUCH more to it than what you posted initially (a complete VB script)

Look here:

Code 800A0400 - Expected  statement error in VBScript

This is a visual basic script error, most probably a syntax error. Not caused by SAS at all.

Simply google 800A0400

Pyrite | Level 9

Yes i already took a look but I got no knowledge of vb scripting

Super User

"no knowledge of vb scripting"

Then acquire it. Now. You must know your tools in order to use them.

Since I'm a UNIX admin, I could help you with UNIX shell scripts. I don't know how to do VBS.

But you still could post the VBS script here, so that someone who knows VBS can point out the error.

Barite | Level 11

The Eguide tool is using a VBScript to deploy scripts in a local (on your desktop/eguide) machine. the disadvantage of this it is a stand alone based and does not fit into an Enterprise one.
There is commonly no need to Unix-scripting VB-scripting as it part of the sas admin role. Setting up a batch-server that is a script just to start sas programs it is part of the EIP approach that should be abbreviated as Enterprise Intelligence Platform although it is more often an department silo stand alone one just being there and not part of the main analytics goal.

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