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If you were able to attend the SUGA event on "SAS Global Forum 2017: Administration Sessions Highlights" we thank you! If you were unable to attend, don't worry.  You can read any of the papers highlighted in Mark Schneider's attached presentation, simply go to the SAS Global Forum 2017 Proceedings and type the paper number in the search bar.



Meteorite | Level 14

30 informative papers to delve into... Was great to get the categorized summary of the papers. A lovely surprise to see @CharynF's and my paper in the security section. Thanks!

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We also had one question come in during the event:


Q: ­Any doc on how to implement Active Directory on a Linux platform a white paper as it relates to SAS


Turns out, an accepted solution to a very similar question is already on the community. Hope this is helpful to the OP.

Fluorite | Level 6
Hi @ShelleySessoms - I know that it's "old" (3 years ago) now... but is there any chance that you could please point me to anything regarding this, specifically?:
"Stayed tuned for details on our July presentation on Visual Analytics Administration!"
I am a new SAS Administrator, and in this case new to SAS VA (Visual Analytics) as well. It's a gap (SAS Visual Analytics Administration, specifically) that I need to fill pretty soon for helping my team. Thanks!
Meteorite | Level 14

Hi @jjwarr3,


As it is evening in the US, I thought I'd reply and offer some other suggestions too.


The SUGA July presentation on SAS Visual Analytics Administration can be found at the page Register for the July 13 SUGA Webinar on Administering SAS Visual Analytics 7


You mention you are a new SAS Administrator so I highly recommend reading @ShelleySessoms' SAS Global Forum 2020 paper that was published last week, Resources for SAS® Admins and Architects: What You Need to Know to Get the Job Done Hassle-Free


Do you know whether you're administering a SAS Visual Analytics 7.x platform on SAS 9 or SAS Visual Analytics 8.x platform on SAS Viya? Depending on what your underlying SAS platform is, you'll want to ensure you are looking at the resources and studying the material that is relevant for your SAS software installation.


You may want to spend some time searching on topics within the SAS Communities SAS Visual Analytics Forum as well as the SAS Visual Analytics support page that splits depending on the SAS platform (SAS 9 or SAS Viya).


I'm sure all of this will lead to more questions, so search the communities (in case someone has already posted the question) or post your question in the relevant forum.


All the best with your learning!


Kind Regards,





//Contact me to learn how Metacoda software can help keep your SAS platform secure -
SAS Employee
The link to the recoding does not work.
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You are correct, @MargaretC. The recording is a WebEx recording that has expired. There is no way to access it again, so I will remove the link from the post.


@jjwarr3 the slides are still good and provide essentially everything Mark was discussing in his presentation.


As @MichelleHomes noted, the community is a valuable resource. Our Search functionality is great. If you don't find your answer by searching, please ask. There are many SAS users and employees here ready to help. I'd also recommend reading old SASGF papers on I typed in "administration" in his search field, and got back more than 4,000 results.


Please let me know if I can help in any other way.






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