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Barite | Level 11

Hi All,

Is there a way we can edit the scl code which is stored in catalogues .

SCl code was built through SAS AF in 2005 (there is no license and applications for AF in our new SAS environment). Now we want to change the one of the  table and location but it is not letting us to edit the catalogues .

Tried with proc display but it is failing to see the code.

proc display catalog = dr.reate.scl; run;

how can we see the code and copy it into SAS.Can we see what is in the catalogues?




Super User

I worked a bit with SAS/AF and SAS/FSP. I suspect that you need to contact SAS technical suppport and you may have to get a license to modify any such. Editing the SCL code would likely not be enough as the code needs to be compiled to become executable especially if in an AF application.



Super User

This is why Maxims 26 and 27 came into being. Catalogs are not suited for long-term storage of code, especially not SCL code, as you need a specific license for that (as you experience).

You may be lucky by opening your .sas7bcat file with a proper tool (maybe Notepad++, or a hex dumper) and extracting the code manually.

But I guess your best option will be to get in touch with SAS Technical Support, send them the .sas7bcat files, and have them extract the code for you.

I am also astonished that you can still use such old catalog files; usually they can't be used with a later SAS version.

Opal | Level 21

SAS catalogs are specific to the OS and SAS-bitness under which they were created. Even if you licensed and installed SAS/AF in your current SAS installation there is no guarantee you will be able to view or edit the SAS/AF catalogs. In 2005 you would most likely have been using 32-bit Windows SAS, so at the very least you would need the same with your current SAS version to have any chance of success. 

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